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Customer Service
Whether a problem, comment or just to say that we are the best, do not hesitate to contact us!
Before writing to us, read the FAQ. The answer to your question may be found there!

Problems with a payment

It happens, we can fix your problem.

Report of abuse or a fake account

Give as much details as possible, because we are curious. :)

Technical problems

How to solve 80% of problems yourself
- Make sure you have the lastest version of your browser (Navigateur non reconnu)
- Make sure to empty the temporary files and cookies
- Make sure to activate your javascript
- Make sure that your browser accepts cookies

Questions about the site or how it works

You have a question, we have an answer!

Comments or suggestions

We read them all, whithout exception!

Partnerships and business opportunities

We are open to all proposals, decent if possible.