Frequently Asked Questions

How to send a message?

To send a message to a candidate, you must have made a contact with him/her. Once done, the candidate will appear in your mail. You can then write him/her from there or by clicking the 'Send Message' in the cadidate's profile. There is also the 'Letter of Introduction' option for paying members. This lets you attach a personnal letter to each contact requests. Visit the package page for more details.

How to establish a contact?

To establish a contact, the two members must agree. If you want to initiate a contact, click on a profile and press the 'Contact Request'. The contact will be established if the other member accepts. You can also click on the 'Received Requests' and accept to establish a contact.

Does the Dream Package really help me?

Yes, the Dream Package gives you higher chances to meet new candidates.

What are the acceptation rules for photos?

See Profile Use Regulation (PUR) for more details.

'Good Guy', 'Excited' and 'Frenzy' icons: What do they mean?

This icon displays the activity level of the man in comparison with the activity of the other men on the site. The activity level is determined by the number of requests pending and the number of contacts. If a guy has an activity level higher than 85% of the other guys, he will be tagged as ‘Excited’. If his activity level is higher than 95% of the guys, he will have the ‘Frenzy’ icon. This way, girls can know quickly who they are dealing with.