Dating tips

Tips for Girls

7 tips for girls to get a date thanks to Monclasseur

01 Talk about you & be positive

Fill all fields, answer the questions remaining POSITIVE . We know that you want a guy with set past, clean, faithful and does not drool while eating. Talk about what you love and what you have to offer. Put your best photos. Get an opinion from one of your GUY friends if necessary, putting himslef in your shoes. You practice sports? Show us!

02 Be active

Do not be passive. To find a job, you do not expect someone to knock at your door. Do the same for a date, sends requests to the candidates that you like. It implies NOTHING except placing yourself in position to choose rather than waiting. 'An application a day keeps celibacy away'

03 Use the candidate filter

With a Dream Package, you can configure you candidate filter, which allows you to choose to whom you want to be visible. According to your criterias, too young, too old or too far wont be able to see you. A much more pleasant experience.

04 Be curious

At the beginning, be careful not to set yourself in 'test' mode with your contacts, you're not there to evaluate a candidate, but rather to discover him. It would be unfortunate if you eliminated someone from the get-go for the wrong reasons.

05 Let yourself get invited

It is best to let the guy make the first move. If after several exchanges nothing happens, you can go ahead and invite him. Shy guys exist, they are not necessarily not interested, nor less interesting

06 Show your interest

Do not only say YES or NO to and invitation. If you can't, give other availabilities. Show that you are motivated for a date, if this is the case of course.

07 Meet in public

It is best to meet in a public place near from home, and during daytime. If you have doubts, from the beggining, inform him that you have to leave after two hours. If it's not up to your expectations, you have a way out. If your having a good time, pretend canceling your other appointment.

Have a nice date