Privacy, Policies and Regulations

(Know what we do with your information, what is allowed here and what is not before the fun begins.)

Privacy and Confidential information

Your Facebook information : used only to log on Monclasseur through the Facebook Login. We keep no Facebook information in our database other than the APPID, which is a unique identifier linking Monclasseur to your Facebook account. The APPID cannot be used to log on any other service or to log on Facebook.

Your email adress : used only to log on the site and for newsletters (see below). In no case will your email adress be shared, given to a third party, or publicly displayed.

Your password : Your password is encrypted on our servers. There is not way for us to determine your password.

Your date of birth : Will never be shared publicly. For internal use only (to present you people, search by age, etc.)

Your postal code : Will never be shared publicly. Used to display the approximate distance between you and the other members.

Your messages : Your messages exchanged with other members are confidential. Only you and the person to whom you write will have access to these messages.


MonClasseur is a community based on humor and gives consenting adults a fun way to meet new people or have new chats. (All those who have forgotten that the start of a new relationship is supposed to be fun should leave and register on a more conventionnal dating site.)

By registering on MonClasseur, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and will not legally or morally hold MonClasseur, its employees and administrators responsible of the exchanges or meetings that will take place.

Your email adress

MonClasseur will never reveal its members' personal information to anyone. You will not receive illicit publicity because of us.

Monclasseur sometimes sends messages, in the form of alerts, to its members to inform them of news about the community or to notify them of certain events related to their account.

All alert options can be configured from your account once you are logged into the site.

Account related

MonClasseur will delete all accounts that do not seem to belong to an adult or are used for sexual or illicit purposes. No warning or explanation will be given (Who's the boss?). The accounts of minors, fraudulent accounts as well as accounts which are the subject of complaints will also be deleted on the spot. We look after our community.

Each person is entitled to one account at a time. Duplicate accounts will eventually be detected and removed without notice. Only the most recent account will be preserved unless the user himself requests otherwise.