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Homme de Montreal-nord, Montréal cherche femme
Bon Gars

JimHalpert2005 @3AMT
19 ans, Hétérosexuel
5p9po (175 cm), Physique de bon gars
Yeux Bruns, Cheveux Noirs



Textes de présentation

Pour la première rencontre...

Well, I have a lot of activities in mind. Montreal's a hell of a city when it comes to doing things outside. The night life is amazing, there are a lot of beautiful places and (since I'm a huge cinephile) I know a lot of good theaters, catching a movie with someone would be nice.

Ce que je recherche...

I'm really not sure what to expect from this site. Honestly, I just came here to get an idea of what online dating and casual hookups are like. I am currently a single 18 year old student, so I guess I'm just looking for a bit of fun.

Ce que j'aime...

I love to travel, to walk around town, take some time to enjoy a good beer and stuff like that, haha. I'm a huge movie/tv nerd and I love songs from the 50s to the 90s. That's doesn't stop me from going to shows and music festivals!! I'm also fascinated by comedy and politics.

Plus sur moi...

-I live in Montreal since 2001, but I am French (born in Marseilles, France)
-I am doing film studies, I'm quite a cinephile
-I'm a leftist
-I am working on my first stand-up comedy show
-When I'm not travelling, hanging out or watching a movie/episode, you'll find me jamming to some old tunes!
-I'm a straight guy looking for some fun
-I have brownish/tannish skin. Even tho I am French, my great great grandparents were from Algeria, so that's explain that.
-I'm an atheist
-Also, obviously, a man of science
-I have long black curly hair and a young adult beard that comes and go, haha
-There are a lot of things that I simply don't care about, but I care a lot about people
-I try to be as polite as possible, but I have no problem with vulgarities
-I love animals! I find them super cute and fun to be around!
-And, yeah, I know it's not a great profile pic, but it was taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lovely place!
-Petit détail que j'allais oublier de mentionner, je parle très bien français!

Plus d'information sur moi


Je parle : Français, English
J'aimerais rencontrer quelqu'un qui parle : Français, Anglais
Objectifs sur Monclasseur : Amitié, Amour, Aventure, Discussion
Statut social : Célibataire
Condoms : Si elle l'exige


Scolarité : DES / DEP
Occupation : Étudiant au cégep
Secteur dans lequel je travaille : Arts


Ma plus grande qualité : L'intelligence
Mon plus grand défaut : La procrastination
Cigarette : Je ne fume pas
Voyage : J'aime voyager partout dans le monde
Mon mode de transport : Une carte de bus métro
Style vestimentaire : Décontracté
Mon signe du zodiaque : Scorpion
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