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Homme de Vancouver, Colombie-britannique cherche femme
Bon Gars

Traveler @VYWB
40 ans, Hétérosexuel
6pieds (183 cm), Physique de bon gars
Yeux Bruns, Cheveux Bruns

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Textes de présentation

Pour la première rencontre...

Dates are to relationships what interviews are to jobs.

While getting to know as much as you can about jobs is crucial, for relationships what matters most is how they make you feel. Thus, I'd rather go on a date sooner than later to establish whether I truly feel there is a spark worth investing precious time and effort. Getting to meet in person also weeds out the flakes.

Ce que je recherche...

I appreciate people who are intelligent, educated, resourceful and articulate.

I should state that I am attracted to thin and skinny women. With over 60% of adult Canadians overweight or obese, it's hard for me to find someone to whom I'm attracted in these parts of the world!

Ce que j'aime...

I have an epicurean streak and recently took wine appreciation classes to enhance my tasting experiences. The classes were so pleasant and instructive that I am now looking to expand my gastronomic horizons in a similar fashion.

I love traveling and have visited 34 countries so far. I am always planning trips and constantly seek adventure, whether abroad or locally. With all the possibilities out there, why lead a boring life?

As you might

Plus sur moi...

I was born and raised in Montreal (French is indeed my first language). I also lived a short while in Seattle before coming to Vancouver.

On top of work, I take online courses for my own personal education, go to the gym to stay healthy and devise algorithms to trade stocks and options for fun and profit.

Want to know me more? Send me a message now!

Plus d'information sur moi


Objectifs sur Monclasseur : Amitié, Amour, Aventure, Discussion
Statut social : Célibataire
Condoms : Si ce n'est pas ma blonde
Habitation : Seul(e), dans un appart


Scolarité : Maîtrise
Occupation : Employé riche
Secteur dans lequel je travaille : Technologies de l'information
Financièrement : Assez pour que tu m'aimes

Sports et loisirs

Sports : Jogging, Musculation
Films : Documentaire, Drame, Étrangers, Faits vécus, Horreur, De répertoire, Science-fiction
Musique : Électro, Emo, Goa, House, New Wave, Trance
Sorties : Sur les terrasses, Voir des spectacles, Dans les festivals, Au restaurant


Ma plus grande qualité : L'intelligence
Mon plus grand défaut : La gourmandise
Cigarette : Je ne fume pas
Voyage : J'aime voyager partout dans le monde
Mon mode de transport : Des souliers
Style vestimentaire : Propre
Nourriture : Exotique, Fine
Enfants : Je n'ai pas d'enfant
Chats : Je n'ai pas de chat
Chiens : Je n'ai pas de chien
Mon signe du zodiaque : Balance

Important ou non

L'apparence physique : Important
Le cash : Important
L'humour : Pas important
La culture générale : Important
Le sport : Pas important
Les voyages : Important
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