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Woman of Laval, Laval seeking man

Luxie @KT3B
25 years old, Heterosexual
5f5in (165 cm), Correct appearance
Black eyes, Black hair

Important for Luxie

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Presentation texts

For the first date...

Je suis analyste de laboratoire(biochimie), bientôt 26 ans( dans 2 mois).
Si on se parle et qu’on a de l’interêt, allons prendre une bonne tasse de thé en apprenant à mieux se connaître. Let’s not waste our time :)
P.SJe suis juste interessée par quelque chose de sérieux

What I'm looking for ...

Amour, amitié

What I like...

-Jouer de la musique( violon)
-Cuisiner avec quelqu’un
-pique nique
- Anything.....

More about me...

Je suis assez active et j’ai toujours un sourire sur les lèvres

More about me


I speak: Français, English
I'd like to meet someone that speaks: French, English
Goals on Monclasseur: Friendship, Love, Discussion
Social status: Single
Condoms: Non negociable
Residence: Alone, in an appartment


Education: Bachelor's
Occupation: Professionnal
Sector in which I work: Applied Science
Financially: 3 meals a day

Sports and Interests

Films: Action, Love, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Suspense
Music: African, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Reggae
Outings: At bars, At clubs, On terraces, See shows, At festivals, See exhibitions, At a restaurant


My biggest quality: Resourcefulness
Cigarette: I don't smoke
The first night: Impossible
My ex: He's my ex ...
Travel: I love traveling around the world
My means of transportation: A car
Dress style: Casual
Food: Exotic, Homemade, Vegetarian
My father: I love him
My mother: I call every day
Kids: I want children, only pictures though
Cats: I don't like cats
Dogs: I don't like dogs
My zodiac sign: Capricorn

Important or Not

Physical appearance: Important
Money: Not Important
Humor: Important
General Culture: Important
Sport: Not Important
Travel: Important
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