Profile Use Regulation (PUR)

Main Photo

*** The purpose of the main photo is to see YOU and especially your FACE. ***

1. You have to be the ONLY person on your photo.
2. We should be able to easily distinguish your features. Blurry pictures, dark, too small, of your back, of your side or to far away will be rejected.
3. You have to be dressed up, top and bottom. If we can GUESS that you are shirtless, wearing a bikini or only wearing a bra or panties: your photo will be rejected.
4. Suggestive pictures are denied: on all fours, lying, diving (chix pics), etc.
5. Obscene gestures will not be tolerated, like fingers, grimacing, tongue sticking out, the crossed eyes, etc.
6. If we have a doubt about your age, we reserve the right to refuse your photo. This is a 18+ site.
7. Photos other than yours are denied. (fake account)
8. No nudity, explicit sex, violence, weapons or other things of bad taste.
9. Drawings and edited multiple photos is prohibited.
10. Photos that show a logo or website address will be rejected.
11. Your photo must be well oriented, well framed and of sufficient graphical quality.
12. In doubt, WE are the bosses!

*** A denied main photo is almost always good for your album. ***

Photo Album

1. Inspire yourself with the rules of the main photo and loosen those a bit.
2. We encourage creativity, but with good taste.
3. In case of problems with the album, we will refuse your main photo.

Presentation Texts

1. Your texts must be of good taste and humorous.
2. Harmful texts are prohibited.
3. French and English are accepted.
4. Your text should be understandable, well written, and error free!
5. Unauthorized solicitations and promotions are absolutely prohibited.
6. Needless to put your contact info, on Monclasseur privates messages are free.